ANE's seminar series is organized and presented by the industry's premier publication, AVN Magazine.

The seminar series is designed to help retailers & manufacturers stay on the cutting-edge of the burgeoning and rapidly changing adult novelty industry. Featuring all-star panelists and industry experts, the ANE seminar series delivers business and consumer trends, marketing tips, and burning industry topics - information you need to grow your business and maximize profits.

The following seminar topics will be covered at ANE:


Supply = Demand
- 11:00am
Variety is the spice of life, especially when it comes to pleasure products. Stock the right “it” toys, and you’ll pique the interest of experienced consumers. But in certain areas you just need to stock deep—especially those categories that stimulate multiple sales. Panelists will discuss how to select and display lingerie, skin care lines, body adornments, books and other side items that can draw in the curious browser.

Kristen Tribby, The Pleasure Chest
Georgene Smith, Earthly Body
Janet Hardy, Greenaway Press
James Bartholet, Truth or Dare XXX
Wendy Williams, a TS performer with her own line of products through Doc Johnson

Selling to the Seasons - 3:00pm
Bachelorette season, holiday season … there are tricks to stocking the right items at the right times and in the right way to capitalize on sales during the times when shoppers are most willing to part with hard-earned dollars. Panelists will discuss year-round sales trends and when you should start putting seasonal items on display for maximum effect.

Bonnie Feingold, Honey’s Place
Larry Garland, Eldorado Trading Co.
Debbie Williams, Adam & Eve
Alicia Sinclair, Baci Lingerie


Knowledge Is Power - 11:00am
The more you know about the products you carry, the easier it is to sell to consumers. There are many ways to educate those on both sides of the cash register. One way is to hire experts to do staff training and consumer workshops. But you also shouldn’t overlook the wealth of information offered by manufacturers—much of it free for the taking. In this seminar we’ll bring together some of the industry’s top road warriors—the sexperts and manufacturer’s representatives who work in the trenches alongside retailers, sharing educational and promotional tools.

Tamara Bell, HPPPA
Scott Watkins, Trigg Laboratories
Brian Sofer, Eldorado Trading Co.
Lucy Vonne, Evolved Novelties
Shaye Saldana, STEME
Kim Airs, Sexuality Specialist
Stephanie Kienzle, Vibratex
Pamela Luu, OhMiBod
Pamela McKee, Papaya Toys
Erin Sue, Coquette
Tristan Taormino, author, director and sex educator
Melissa Jones, sex educator

The Deepest Cut - 3:00pm
It’s been a complaint for years in this industry. You wholesale or retail your merchandise at what you believe is a reasonable price that still allows you a modest profit margin, but someone else starts offering the goods online at a deeply discounted rate. Panelists will explore what options are available to combat the problem and how you can protect yourself and your brand.

Kelly Perez,
Clyde DeWitt, adult industry attorney
Robin Stewart, Jopen
Roylin Downs, Kama Sutra Closet
David Williams, Calston

The Fifty Shades Phenomenon - How You Can Ride The Wave While The Surf's Up! - 4:00 p.m.
This seminar, hosted by Sportsheets, will look at the consuming psychology inspired by the Fifty Shades trilogy phenomenon,  discussing new Fifty Shades motivated shoppers coming into an adult store for the first time as well as your return customers and how you and your clerks can best interact and service them.

Lou Paget, Author, AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator
Megan Andelloux, AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator
Pat Jagos, Fascinations
Tom Stewart, Sportsheets International


Tell Us a Story
- 11:00am
Everyone has a great story to tell, whether it’s about a huge success or an epic fail. We’ll bring together a group of brave souls who are willing to bare all—and after they share their hits and misses, we’ll turn the tables and solicit stories from the audience. Bring your own tale of woe or wonder and learn from the experiences of others.

Sarah Tomchesson, The Pleasure Chest
Michael G., Masque Sexual Flavors

Monique Hollowell, sexologist

Elan Rofe, Electric Lingerie

*Subject to change without notice





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